This company does excellent work.  I was very happy with all the work he did for me.  Very honest.

Elizabeth Wilcher of Hurst, Texas



What a wonderful company! The staff are so professional. It is so nice to pick up the phone and call someone and they actually answer. Mr. Wester takes the time personally with his customers. You never feel like a number. And the roofing was so quick and efficient. They work with efficiency and complete professionalism. They not only took care of the roof they took care of all the water damage on the inside. They re-did my walls, textured and painted. What a great company! Highly recommended!


J. Daniels, Arlington, Texas


"This project strated with a little inside painting and has grown from there, tape and bedding, painting, window replacement, door replacement, ceiling fan install, and some wiring, all of which was done on new carpet and not one stain has been done. They even do a good job cleaning up. But bottom line he is reasonable priced, honest, and pretty good"


T. Evans, Grand Prairie, Texas



Don did an incredible job with my roof. The clean up was fantastic. They were so organized and incredibly professional. We had problems getting the insurance company to pay but he stuck with us and worked with the adjuster until I had a new roof! Thank you so much.


Donna B, Fort Worth, Texas


Every seven or eight years I have replaced my fence. This year was the first time I used Wester. It will not be the last. I will say this was the first time that someone walked me thru all the steps in what they would do and how these procedures would save me repair cost in the future. I was most impressed when they pointed out the littliest details and their work was excellent. They earn the five star rating.


R. Waco, Arlington, Texas


Don and his crew have replaced windows,repaired gates and fencing,repaired a

roof leak and painted the stains from the leak. All the work was reasonably priced,

done on time and cleaned up after repairs. Thanks Don!


J. Dalke, Mansfield, Texas


Awesome courteous company with great crews and leaders.  They do what they say they will and stands by their work and the word.  He has done roofing, a total kitchen remodel and exterior painting.  We couldn't be happier!  It's perfect.  Thank you for  helping us make our dream home.  Such great decorating tips and updated design suggestions.  Thank you so much!


C. Menafee, Fort Worth, Texas


Back in October, 2012 I wrote a five-star rating review for work they did in Stage 2 of our remodeling our 40+ year old home....said we'd have him back.  Well, they are back and Don and his crew widened our galley kitchen one whole foot, added much needed electrical fixtures, installed new ceiling lighting along with under cabinet counter lights, matching backsplash to compliment our appliances and much, much more.  Don was the unofficial "lead" of this project and did a splendid job.


To keep dust down, they hung curtains of plastic and daily cleaned all debris so that our home was as livable as possible with minimal inconvenience one would expect from removing all cabinets, counter and appliances, walls and flooring.


We are extremely proud of what Don and his team has done for us and highly recommend them for any home project!


Now what will we have Don do next?  New fence, new electrical panel, perhaps redo our patio????

If it's home improvements, I know who we will call!!!!


S. McVittie, Arlington, Texas


Don and his crew were professional, timely and did great roof work.  The leak on the house has been giving us troule for awhile now, so we're glad it's fixed.  Thank you!


W. Vendy, Arlington, Texas